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What Car Maintenance Can You Do Yourself?

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Car maintenance can be costly. That’s why it’s a great idea to do as many of the jobs as you can for yourself!

Changing air filters and cabin air filters.

Air filters and cabin air filters can be replaced in just minutes. The employees in any store selling filters are happy to help you find the right one. There are also plenty of videos online that show the easy process for changing filters for your exact make and model of car.

Checking tire pressure and adding air to your tires.

Proper air pressure is important to get the longest life from your tires. Changes and temperatures can affect the pressure in your tires, and it’s not uncommon in especially cold months to get low tire pressure warnings. Keep a tire pressure gauge handy in your car, and don’t be afraid to add air yourself from an air machine at any gas station. Just make sure you determine the appropriate pressure range for your specific car before you start.

Replacing headlights and wiper blades.

Save money by buying your own bulbs and replacing any that have burned out or installing new wiper blades when yours have worn out. It’s easy to find complete replacement instructions online. As a bonus, some auto part stores will replace them for you if you ask at no additional charge. (So not exactly DIY, but still a great way to save over getting them replaced by a mechanic!)

Topping off fluids.

Need more wiper fluid? There’s no reason you can’t pick up your own and add it yourself. You can even change your own oil or transmission fluid if you’re feeling up to the challenge! Look up videos online to see just how comfortable you are getting under the hood when it’s time to top things off.

Keeping it clean.

It can be easier said than done if you have little ones, but there are ways to manage a messy car. Taking care of it yourself can save you plenty of money at the car wash. Keep cleaning supplies in the car to tackle spills when they happen. You can also consider a preemptive strike by covering the seats where your children or pets will be with sheets or blankets before trips.

As long as you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can save money when you DIY your some of your car maintenance!

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