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Wine And Art. Without The Wine.

Sad PandaA BYOB art class seemed like a good idea so I jumped on the Groupon when it came up. (Or was it Living Social? I can’t remember.) Who doesn’t love the idea of hanging out with friends, painting and drinking wine? Of course you actually have to bring the wine to a BYOB art class or it suddenly becomes…just an art class… (Yes, we both forgot to bring wine.)

Puppy, Art

We selected “paint your pet” from the calendar of available classes. Of course neither Summer nor myself actually has a pet. Summer painted her mother’s dog as a birthday gift.

Sad PandaAnd I painted a sad panda because…why not? Amy, Summer, ArtIt turns out the whole BYOB part of the class wasn’t mandatory for fun. Nor was any actual artistic ability. (That said, Summer is a real artist and the class instructor basically didn’t do more for her besides asking what color she wanted for the background and telling her she was doing a great job.) Meanwhile my sad panda has been placed in the office for everyone I work with to enjoy. Or make fun of. Or hide when I’m not looking. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

As The Bunny Hops®