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Woodstock Christmas Nest Ornament

Woodstock Christmas Nest Ornament

Let’s face it: you love Peanuts. We all do. You grew up watching the holiday specials. You have a favorite character. (Mine is Linus.) My best friend loves Woodstock more than anything, so he said, “Hey, can you make me a nest ornament like this?” He then showed me a picture of Woodstock, in a nest, with a Christmas tree. 

Challenge accepted.

Woodstock Ornament Supplies

I already had the bottle brush tree left over from my mason jar ornaments. I just needed to pick up a Woodstock figure and a nest. Yep, they sell nests in the floral section of craft stores. I wandered around looking for something to make the ornaments and found tiny, colorful brads in the scrapbooking section.

Bottle Brush Tree

I dipped the ends of the brads in craft glue and stuck them into the tree. It was just that easy.

Woodstock Christmas Nest Ornament

Copious amounts of hot glue were used to hold the Woodstock and tree in place. I used some extra grape vine I had to cover up all of that glue. Seriously…it needs a lot of hot glue to get the positions right. And no one would ever notice that extra hot glue unless they were standing over the ornament and looking down at it trying to find something wrong with it. But, you know, I’m a Virgo. I had to cover it up. (My point being, you can totally skip that part if you don’t have extra grape vine sitting around and you’re not trying to make things harder than they need to be like I always am.)

Woodstock Nest

Don’t worry about adding a clip or a hook to hang your nest. The large size means it well nestle perfectly in your tree without anything to hold it in place!

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