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XpresSpa Is The Cure For Layovers

XpresSpa ManicuresItem DisclosureThere are few things that make me happier than traveling. And unlike many people I know, I actually really love to fly. I don’t even mind really long haul flights. What I don’t like? The downtime that comes with air travel. Especially the long layovers.

I know you’ve been there. You’re booking your tickets for a trip and it’s a great price but a crazy layover. Or it’s a short layover but the price is sky high. I don’t know what you choose, but me? I’m saving my money for shopping on my trip. Long layover it is! Of course when the layover actually gets here and you’re sitting in the airport for hours with nothing to do? Well I guess that extra spending money seems less important?

I’ve got the solution, though. XpresSpa is hands down the best way to spend your time waiting for your next flight. There are 56 locations in airports worldwide. That means there’s a good chance you’ll spot one in the next airport you visit.

I had the chance to experience XpresSpa first hand on my last layover through DFW. In an odd collection of coincidences and rescheduled flights I ended up flying from Dallas to Arkansas with four of my best friends, each of whom are scattered around the country. OK, to be completely honest, one lives less than an hour away. But the other three really are scattered everywhere. We were all pretty stoked to end up on the same flight together. We were a little less excited that most of us had three hour plus layovers before that flight started.

I reached out to XpresSpa to see if they were willing to host a group of slightly crazy girls seeing each other for the first time in almost a year. Not only did they say yes, they treated us each to a fantastic manicure. Honestly, though, calling it a manicure seems a little over-simplified. It was a full on hand and arm spa treatment-with a little nail polish thrown in. The best part, however? The chairs. The chairs at XpresSpa are amazing. Seriously. Ahhhhhmazing. I get pedicures almost twice a month. I’ve had my experiences with spa chairs. The massage from the chairs at XpresSpa makes every other chair I’ve ever experienced seem like a sad little lawn chair.

Summers XpresSpa ManicuresThe team at XpresSpa in Dallas could not  have been sweeter. They were all so friendly and kept tabs on the time and our flight for us. They even did a slight rush job on our late friend so she could enjoy the experience, too. Before we left, one of the staff members helped me dig out my wallet and boarding pass so I wouldn’t ruin my nails.

In addition to the manicures like we received, XpresSpa offers facials, waxing, pedicures and massages. Oh, I should say now, I’m super sorry to the guy who was across from us getting his chair massage while we were there. We might have gotten a smidgen loud hanging out with each other. It’s just that we don’t get to see each other more than once or twice a year. I hope he was still able to relax!

XpresSpa locations and their online store sell a variety of spa and travel products. It includes their awesome neck pillow. That came in super handy when we ended up sleeping in DFW on the way home…

Stay in touch with XpresSpa on Facebook and Twitter. And make sure you check them out before your next flight!


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