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You’re Pregnant: Now What? Find out more with Panorama Prenatal Screenings

PanoramaIf you’re looking for pregnancy advice, I’m definitely not your girl. I’m great with babies once they’re here. I can help with tips on finding the right child care. I can scare you to pieces with SIDS statistics. 20 years working  in early education tends to stick with you. All moms have their own story, though, so I asked a few friends what they wish they had known when they were pregnant that first time.

One of them loved every second of being pregnant. Another wished she had known that those celebrity moms who always looked so pulled together just after giving birth clearly had help. The mother of six-yes six-wished she had realized they would all eventually leave home, leaving her with a perpetual need to refill her nest. And then there was the friend who told me all about the less than fun-or occasionally hilarious-things that happen to your body once the baby arrives. (There’s a story about a run through Times Square, a full bladder and an interesting Broadway show that goes along with that. But that’s really her story to tell.)

The folks at Natera put together the fun infographic below featuring some helpful tips, do’s & don’ts and more for when you’re expecting. Did you know that Panorama Prenatal Screening can determine a baby’s gender at just 9 weeks?

Panorama is the only non-invasive prenatal test that differentiates between maternal DNA and fetal DNA using single nucleotide polymorphis technology. A recent study found that positive test results are accurate 83% of the time. That means they may reduce the need for follow-up tests that may be more invasive and carry greater risks. You can find out more about Panorama prenatal testing on their website!

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